Why Choose us. ?

Superfast broadband everywhere, for everyone

Why are more people than ever calling for satellite Internet?

Can you live wherever you want and still get a superfast connection? You can now.Our technology offers better performance than ADSL. With average download speeds up to 75 Mbps available, speeds are comparable to a fibre connection. 

How does satellite Internet performance compare to other technologies?


Eutelsat KONNECT, our latest Very High Speed (VHS) satellite came into operation in 2020. This new satellite offers our best satellite Internet to date, with more services and even greater speeds.Superfast broadband connections are now available without a landline for everyone, even in the most remote locations.

How do I install the konnect equipment?

you don’t have to. We deliver all the equipment you need, including:

  •  Satellite broadband dish to transmit and receive the signal

  • Satellite Wi-Fi router

With standard free installation for new subscriptions, a professional­—qualified and certified by konnect—installs the equipment and makes sure your kit is up and running. The technician visits your home, installs the equipment and activates the service.

konnect – it’s that simple!